The aim of the School is to prepare the students academically, physically, psychologically , spiritually and morally for entering any walk of Life by developing character , promoting spirit-de-corps and dedication to purpose by inculcating patriotism and desire to serve the country.

Our VISION encompasses the all -round development of the child into an individual with optimum values which will make him/her a better human being and an ideal citizen of the country, keeping in view the following objectives:vision

  • To prepare the students to live their lives fully and successfully by imparting in them the vision of life.
  • To install in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life so that they become responsible citizens of the future.
  • To provide a balanced and life-oriented school program by incorporating progressive techniques , learning theories and methodologies to learn and live the right values and appreciate the glory of our culture.
  • To shape the students to live a disciplined and committed citizen to the nation.