Parents Rules

Parent Teacher Interaction:- Education is a combined endeavor of parents and society along with the teaching community. The Institution has succeeded in developing an active organization of the parents. The school organizes PTM on a regular basis.

It is compulsory for parents to attend the PTM. They cam meet teachers and know the progress of their wards. If needed, they can even discuss the individual problem of their children and put forward their valuable suggestions.


(1) Buttons, leaking fountain-pens impoverished shoes etc . Lead a Boy or a girl to adopt slip shop habits. Remarks pertaing to the above are noted in this diary which parents must acknowledge so that re medical measures may be taken .

tudents should put in minimum of two and half hours of study at home in order to finish home work and other assignment. Home work be done neatly and completed each day and parents should maintain constant touch with the student studies.

Parents/guardians and other persons should not visit the classes or meet the teachers during class hours without the approval of the Principal.

The school is not responsible for goods lost Parents/Guardians are advised not to let the students bring valuable pens, watches, gold chains/bangles and other such articles to school.

In a school, fighting or hitting out amongst children although a feature, is reprehensible, such cases should be promptly reported to the Teacher/Principal so that corrective action taken immediately.

 Parents/Guardians are requested to check their wards school diary everyday for homework allotment and remarks that may have been made to be conversant with all the rules of the school.

Parents/Guardians must personally visit the school for parents teachers meeting which is held every month and to receive the report cards and meet the teacher to discuss their wards progress. Parents who do not do so indicate their disinterest in their wards progress, Any complain by such guardians will not be entertained.

No. books (other than text books ) newspaper of periodical or any pamphlet or printed materials etc., can be brought to the school without the approval of the Principal.

Fines may be imposed by the Principal for irregularity indisciplined, or any damage caused to school property.