Our Mission is to develop our students in such a way that they achieve excellence in all fields and become useful citizens of our country India. In other words, teachers at St. Joseph’s Academy¬†are not concerned only with imparting academic knowledge, but also teach the students how to lead a better social and moral life.thoughts12
We aim to help a child realize his/her own inherent strength and give him/her a conducive environment to grow and evolve as a good social being. The ethical values which the teachers inculcate in the students module their character impacting their lives positively.thoughts3
Moreover, Knowledge is imparted in such a way that it creates an urge for education. Students are made to understand that education is a very important part of their lives. In fact the school is an extension of their home because they find the teachers loving and caring.

Our mission is also to provide all the modern facility and Job oriented courses to make our students self dependent. We are planing to educate all people around the radius of 5 km till 2022. For achieving our goal Secretary of St. Joseph’s academy Rot. D. K. Singh is working hearty because he works for greening & educating to make a happy and healthy place.