General Rules

(1) Parents are personally responsible for their wards to the school and also for having taken custody of their wards at the dismissal from the school on every school day.

If parents send wards to school through their representative (i.e. driver relatives, other domestic servants) they should in timate to the school authorities regarding the same with proper identification of the representative.

The school will not be liable for the safety and welfare of student particularly if a student leaves the school premises with in 30 minutes after dismissal every day.

Students on their way to and from the school are expected to depart themselves in are responsible manner. Conduct that is injurious to the discipiline and the god name of the school s liable to bring about suspension or expulsion of the offender.

Students are forbidden to leave the school premises during school hours without permission of the authority.

During the absence of a teacher from the class room the student must obey the monitor to maintain good order.

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school in particular by enforcing regularity and discipline by showing interest in their children’s progress and by extending the fullest encouragement for the students extra-curricular activities.

In order to encourage a good standard of English, this language must be spoken at all times within he school campus. As a further opportunity for practice, reading magazines and books written in good English should be encouraged.

9. The Principal may punish a student in a manner suited to the offence, by detention or physical punishment or suspenstion or expulsion from the institution without assigning any reason.

10. Moral turpitude, Writing on the wall and roads, defiance of authorites, willful damage to the school property will attract explusion from the school without any previous warning.