EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS :- For us academics is as important as co-scholastic activities. All efforts are made to have the right mix of Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities, for a complete personality development.

We have lots of Co-scholastic Activities like Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Game & Sports, Clubs, Social Service, House System ,Leadership Building, Career Counselling, Personal Counselling, Yoga and Marsar Art etc.

DANCE & MUSIC:- Our school encourages children in different types of talents and skills including Dance and Music.

Our Music department is fully equipped with musical instruments through which we enhance their skills. We celebrate various festivals and functions including our school annual day where children show their their magic.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT :- Children have many opportunities to express themselves through drawing painting, collage and model making. They work collaboratively with a partner or in a group. They are encouraged to use their imagination in dressing up and role- play.