Discipline Managing Committee

                                                                           DISCIPLINE MANAGING COMMITTEE


A discipline committee is required for the smooth functioning of the school. The Discipline Committee shall be an advisory body to regulate and enforce discipline among the students and employees of the college and to take appropriate steps whenever necessary.

This committee is to prevent ill incidence in the school campus among the Nursing students, staff and non-teaching staff.

‘Education is not the learning of many facts
                                                                       but the training of the mind to think.’ – Albert Einstein


The Committee consists of members of the faculty, administration, service staff . The members of the committee for the current academic year 2021-22 are :-

 S.N Name Designation Email address
1. Mr. Rahul Kumar Committee Head rahulkumarabc1979@gmail.com
2. Mr. Alok Kumar Member alok.km9852@gmail.com
3. Ms. Neethu Rai B Member bantikumari1000@gmail.com
4. Mr. Ankur Kumar Member ankurbabu046@gmail.com
 5. Mr. Kumari Suman Member tejsuman86@gmail.com
6. Mr. Subir Kumar Member subir191217@gmail.com