Attendance Rules


(1) Every student is expected to be on time daily for the school assembly before the commencement of class.

(2) No student who is late or has been absent on the previous date be admitted to the class without the permission of the Principal or those authorized by the principal. Absence must be explained in a note in the school diary signed by the parent or local guardian in the page provided for absence up to 3 days only Failure to do so may result in the student being sent home.

In case of absence for more than seven continuous days a leave application must be submitted to the Principal office.

Any student returning to school after an infectious disease or illness should produce a medical certificate permitting him/her to attend the class.

(5) If any student is absent more than two months without any written information, it will be considered he/ she has leaved the school. school will deactivate his/ her name. for the re- activation he/ she has to submit proper cause.